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What is a no-main lamp? How to design intelligent lighting without main lamp?


Today we will discuss with you in-depth about masterless lighting, mainly to solve the following problems for you.

A) What is a masterless lamp


B)The types of masterless lights


C)The benefits of masterless lighting


D)How is No-main lighting used in actual spaces?


1)What is No-main lighting


No main lighting is to abandon the big and bright, every day overhead cover the main light, with more and more specific light source to illuminate the space we want to illuminate, lighting way more accurate, specific, more closely match the actual use of demand. It is a new understanding of light!
No main light lighting in the lighting way more use of local lighting, the first to meet the local space lighting needs, light source set in a specific range, but the range is generally smaller, more directional, in that range of light illumination is relatively high.




2)Types of No-main lights


1. Anti-glare spotlight
#Spotlights are typical of the modern genre of lighting without the main light and without a fixed scale. Spotlights soft light can create an #indoorlighting atmosphere, can also be used for local lighting, but also free to combine to change the angle, the lighting effect is ever-changing.

2. Downlight
The #downlight is named because of its shape like a barrel, and there is a classification of bright downlight and concealed #downlight. The bottom of the concealed #downlight is hidden by the ceiling, revealing only a small point of light.

3. Strip, linear light
The strip is generally hidden in the ceiling, wall, or ground often used to outline the space, typical of the light without light design.

Small space below the shelf design strip, you can make the visual space bigger, small house partners can try.

4. Magnetic lights

Magnetic lights are the latest trendy products, convenient and good appearance, leading to more and more people are now choosing magnetic lights in their homes.

5. Floor lamp
Floor lamps have obvious advantages in height compared to table lamps, and can flexibly adjust the light angle compared to pendant lamps. In short, it is a lamp that can meet a variety of needs and a wide range of application areas.

6.  Wall lamp
Domestic #walllamps generally use low color temperature semi-shade shape, will not make people get up late at night feel harsh, set at the foot and other lower positions, will not make people too awake in the late night, can create a calm, quiet atmosphere.


3) The benefits of lighting without the main light


For small rooms, using a ceiling lamp/chandelier as the main lighting is the easiest and most straightforward way, but if you encounter a more complex function, as well as a larger space, it is a bit insufficient.

Imagine, you are reading, watching TV, chatting, eating when only a ceiling lamp overhead “cover” you, is not a bit depressing?
At this time, the use of no main lighting on the downlight partition, combination, according to different use of the scene to switch the corresponding lighting mode, can create a more appropriate lighting atmosphere.

Simplicity: The advantage of no main lighting is that it can leave behind the complicated ceiling, the space without large chandeliers, ceiling lights and other main lights, can make the whole space looks clean and sharp.

Comfortable sense: no main light focus on the quality of the space light environment, is more emphasis on the sense of light levels and quality to build a comfortable space. And it is not too harsh.

Hierarchy: no main light lighting is actually abandoning the original large and bright main light, in the home of each du corner reasonable arrangement of light to meet the lighting needs of each local in the space, compared to the large main light, the light is also more hierarchical.

High-grade sense: many urban dramas, movie scenes, and to go to the senior hotels, restaurants and other places, their sense of high-grade and atmosphere are created through a layered light.

4) Application of no main light in the actual space


Living room

The living room is recommended to have fewer main lights, more use of spotlights scattered layout to create light and shadow levels. Living room lighting, generally 3000K can reach the general demand for living room brightness, you can create a warm and cozy effect, you can also use 4000K lighting space, 3000K as a wall wash, shine painting this projection layer of light, but also can be integrated. As the light and bright, all 4000K is also a good choice.


Kitchen and dining room
In everyday life when cooking many people may have feelings, washing and cutting vegetables at night, due to the body blocking the light source, will cause a blind spot in the line of sight, affecting the mood of cooking.
So the kitchen, there must be accent lighting and auxiliary local lighting, for example, can be installed behind the operating table cabinets with lights to help supplement the countertop lighting, other lights in their own way, so that all the places in need are not shaded, so that the kitchen life will be more comfortable and wonderful.

Bedroom life although inseparable from the light source, but too bright, too much lighting will give rise to sleep disorders, people lying in bed is best not to have the feeling of strong light exposure, it is best to use table lamps, wall lamps, downlights to provide local lighting to relieve stress, people relaxed, in order to sleep peacefully.

For bathroom lighting, many families installed a main light on the top, due to the principle of light projection, many corner locations have shadows, such as the vanity mirror of the sink is best to install a local light strip or downlight to fill the light.



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