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The difference between indoor lighting and outdoor lighting products

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The same is lighting, what are the differences?


1, the waterproof level of the difference

Indoor lighting products, the general requirements for waterproof level is not very high, IP20 basic to meet the indoor environment; and outdoor lighting, to accept the wind, sun, and rain, so the waterproof level of outdoor lighting products at least IP65, or even IP66 ~ 8 higher. Improve the waterproof level is not only the product sealing improvement, but also needs to consider a variety of design factors, such as the outdoor temperature difference between day and night, the formation of condensation, whether there is exhaust (water) hole evaporated out.


2, the product material and surface treatment of different

Indoor lighting products have hidden spaces such as ceilings, product materials, in addition to heat dissipation requirements, can not be too much pursuit of the use of all-metal materials, especially the adapter part, basically do not need metal materials as a shell, while outdoor intelligent lighting products to consider waterproof, rust, impact resistance, etc., need to have higher quality materials and different surface coating materials.


3, the difference in wiring

Indoor lighting mostly uses 220V as the main circuit power supply; while outdoor lighting products, for safety reasons, mostly use 12~24V as the main circuit power supply, although safety is guaranteed, but because it is a weak voltage transmission greatly reduces the current transmission distance, making it impossible to supply power at a longer distance; and the application of new energy solar technology can break the limitation of transmission distance under the premise of ensuring safety.


4, the pursuit of different lighting effects

Different from indoor lighting products, outdoor lighting products do not need to provide high brightness lighting throughout the night time period, or directly off the lighting fixtures, it needs to automatically provide different lighting effects according to different times, different scenes, different seasons, different applications, etc. Sometimes the light is dappled, sometimes staggered, sometimes warm and bright, showing different night lighting effects.




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