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Do you know what is color temperature?


Color temperature is a sign of the color of the light source, different colors of light correspond to different color temperatures.

We will go in and out of various occasions with the appropriate clothing and makeup to match, that different functions of the area do not also need to use light to create a corresponding atmosphere?

Different color temperatures will create a different atmosphere, such as warm colors can create a warm, romantic, and comfortable atmosphere, while cool colors will make the picture present a fresh or cold and bleak feeling. Staying in an environment with a different atmosphere will also subconsciously affect our emotional feelings.

1. Warm White (color temperature below 3500K)

Warm light and incandescent light color similar to the red component more, can give people a warm, comfortable feeling, can be used in the living room, dining room, bedroom and other leisure places for people to rest and relax.

2. Natural White (color temperature in 4000~4500k)

The light is soft, giving people a pleasant, refreshing, clean feeling, and can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, checkrooms, and other places that require daily work.

3. Cool White

(color temperature  in 6000-6500K)

The light source is close to natural light, with a bright, calm, cool feeling, allowing people to concentrate mentally. Generally not suitable for families, can be used in offices, hospitals and other places that need to concentrate on mental work.

Note that the use of color temperature must not be too much, too cold will make the picture blue, too warm and will make the picture red, which will deviate from the actual home with light.


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